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Bob Clay's Chili is a balanced blend of seven different varieties of red and green chili peppers.

Our three packet system is designed to be added at timed intervals, as in professional chili cookoffs.
The rich, dark spices are added first, and are absorbed deep into the meat as a base.
The second package contains the vibrant red peppers, which give Bob Clay's Chili its rich, and distinctive color.
The last package, added in the last half hour of cooking, contains the more delicate spices that would turn bitter if overcooked.

Even though Our chili contains seven varieties of peppers, it is in the medium heat range for spicyness. It can also be made less spicy by adding an additional can of stewed tomatoes, or by adding extra beans.

By using our special blend of spices and cooking method, you can achieve the five attributes of a great chili:

TASTE. The blending of the meat, peppers, and spices, with no particular ingredient dominanting.

CONSISTENCY. The ratio between the sauce and the meat. A good chili should not be too dry or watery.

AROMA. The chili should smell good and not be too overpowering to your senses.

COLOR. Chili should have a rich color, ranging from brick red to a reddish brown.

BITE. The after-burn created by the blend of chili spices. It should affect all parts of the tongue equally.

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